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Courses in the Language Centre (CDL) are specifically skills-based or are focused on culture, on literature or media English. They also include preparation for the Cambridge exams (CAE), training in writing research papers and preparing conference presentations in English.  Although most courses are B2 (advanced), some are B1 (intermediary) or C1 (proficient users). Before registering for a course, you need to read its abstract carefully.


You will choose one English 22-hour course each semester. The course list is posted on the Language Centre website:


Courses run for one semester between September 25 to December 11, 2017 (first semester), and between January 15 or 22 (depending) to April 9, 2018 (second semester). The evaluation generally consists of 50% for the continuous assessment (class participation, attendance, homework, note-taking) and 50% for the final exam.

Regular attendance is required to validate your module.


Registration will take place on the CDL site on September 19 and 20. For all CAE courses, registration will take place on September 18. Groups will be published on the CDL site.


Please note that the number of places for each course is limited (first come, first served…).


English is compulsory but you may also choose to attend a course in one of the twelve optional languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish. International students can attend French language courses.






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