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Dynamique sédimentaire

Main objectives

The course « Sedimentary Dynamics » aims to give at the beginning of the MSc formation a common basis to students starting the first year in Lyon but coming also from various other high schools. It will discuss the dynamics of depositional environments and its translation into depositional facies, depositional sequences of continental and marine environments, either siliciclastic or carbonate/evaporitic.

The course is open to anyone interested in sedimentary processes without pre-required deep knowledge in sedimentology, except sedimentary petrography (rock description).


  • Facies models of the main siliciclastic and carbonate/evaporitic depositional environments, both continental and marine;
  • Similarities and differences in the functioning of siliciclastic and carbonate/evaporitic systems; implications for the interpretation of sedimentary sequences;
  • Main controlling factors of sediment supply / biotic carbonate production and their translation in the sedimentary record.

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