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Sequence stratigraphy

ECTS credit number: 3

Teaching manager: Claude Colombié


Main goals:

Sequence stratigraphy IS the basic stratigraphical tool in sedimentology. This method is used to explain sediment repartition in space and time, the geometry of sedimentary bodies and the origin of the discontinuities that separate them. First of all, basic concepts of sequence stratigraphy will be presented. They then will be used to discuss the factors controling sediment organization such as eustatism, subsidence, sediment(ary) input in siliciclastic systems or carbonate production in carbonate systems.



  • What are the basic concepts and how do they apply?
  • Why and how did the basic concepts changed through time? What are the mainstream ideas? What are their significance?
  • Sequence stratigraphy in carbonate systems : concepts and uses.
  • Use of sequence stratigraphy concepts for the description, interpretation, and correlation of well logs.


This course might be taught in english.

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