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Organization of the M2

The Master2 « Sciences de la Terre et des Planètes, Environnement » (STPE) of Lyon and its two career streams (« parcours Paléontologie, Sédimentologie, Paléoenvironnements » [PSP] and « parcours Terre et Planètes » [T&P]) are accredited both by the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the ENS of Lyon.

Both career streams PSP and T&P drawn on research from the Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon (LGL-TPE) and are devoted to the training of future researchers and engineers in geology (academic or private sectors).

The first semester (~4 months) of the M2 PSP or T&P is dedicated to high level classroom (lectures, partical teachning) and field courses. The second semester is entirely dedicated to an internship in a reasearch laboratory (5 to 6 months).


Director M2 (ENS): Stéphane Labrosse (stephane.labrosse_arrow/
Director M2 (UCBL): Guillaume Suan (guillaume.suan_arrow

Description of the teachind units (DESCRIPTIF DES UEs DE M2 2015-2016) clic on the links in the table below below to get description of the teaching units (UEs)

General presentations, 2015-2016 (Presentation generale 2015-2016): of the Master, of the OSU of Lyon, PhDs, Doctoral schools (Stephane Labrosse)

General presentation of the Master STPE (Presentation generale Master 2016-21) - forum Avenir 2016 (Frédéric Quillévéré)




Emploi du temps (T&P, not available 2016-2017)
Edt (pdf) M2 T&P- S3- 2016-2017 (last update 29/11/2016)
Photos of students M2 T&P / M2 PSP 2016-2017 (login needed)

Available Research internships (Propositions de stages de recherche - please contact the researchers of the LGL-TPE) for a complete listing.


    First semester

      30 ECTS to be chosen among teaching units (UEs) from one of the two career streams:

         First SEM.

        T&P: Terre et Planètes

        PSP: Paléontologie, Sédimentologie, Paléoenvironnements

        Optional teaching units mutualized between T&P and PSP

        Physique du transport sédimentaire (Physics of sediment transport) - 30h - 3 ECTS

        Microanalyse in situ (In situ micro-analysis - approach by experimentation) - 30h - 3 ECTS

        Marqueurs géochimiques (Geochemical proxies for paleoenvironmental reconstructions) - 25h - 3 ECTS

        Optional teaching units by career stream (T&P and PSP)

         Approches géochimiques : de la Terre au système solaire (Geochemical approach: from Earth to solar system) - 36h - 6 ECTS

        Stage de terrain, Paléoenvironnements (Field course on paleoenvironments) - 6 days - 6 ECTS


        Ecole pré-doctorale sur la Terre interne (Les Houches Geophysics School) - 2 weeks - 9 ECTS

        Paléobiologie et biodiversité (Paleobiology and Biodiversity) - 30h at Dijon - 3 ECTS

        Imagerie sismique de la Terre profonde (Seismic Imagery of Deep Earth)  - 20h - 3 ECTS

        Paléoécosystèmes et paléoenvironnements océaniques (Oceanic paleoecosystems and paleoenvironments) - 60h - 6 ECTS

        Planétologie (Planetology) - 30h - 3 ECTS

        Sédimentologie appliquée et géologie pétrolière (Applied sedimentology and Petroleum Geology) - 30h - 3 ECTS

        Physique des minéraux  (Mineral Physics) - 20h - 3 ECTS

        Préservation et paléoécologie (Fossil preservation and paleoecology) - 30h at Dijon - 3 ECTS

        Dynamique crustale : du terrain à la quantification (Crustal Dynamics: from field observations to interpretations) - 3 days on the field - 3 ECTS


        Second semester

        Research Internship (Stage de recherche) de 5 mois, soit au Laboratoire de Geologie de Lyon (LGL-TPE), soit dans un laboratoire de recherche français ou étranger, soit en entreprise.

        Listing of previous internships, available internships, evaluation: cliquez ici.


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