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Planetary Sciences

Number of ECTS : 3

Teaching manager : Cathy Quantin-Nataf

Lecturers : Cathy Quantin-Nataf, Erwin Dehouck, Patrick Thollot, Cédric Leyrat


Objectives and content

The objective of this course unit is to learn the analysis tools of planetary surfaces (planet or small bodies....) :  

-Spectro-imagery of planetary surfaces of rocky surfaces (orbital data processing and planetary analog sample analysis). The lab is focused on the processing of Martian orbital hyper-spectral data.

-The bombardment of planetary surfaces as the chronometer of the solar system.

-Geological evolution of Mars as seen from orbit (lab on Martian orbital data combination)

-In Situ exploration of Mars (lab on MSL data analysis)

-Microwaves exploration of planetary surfaces applied to small bodies


We advice to have validate the UNIT Remote sensing and spatial data analysis during M1, but it is not mandatory.

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