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In situ Microanalyses

In situ Microanalyses

Diffractomètre Rayons X / X ray diffractometer

Number of ECTS: 3

Type of class : 6h of formal class, 24h of practicals

Goal: Training students to the observation and in situ analysis of microscopic objects.

For instance fluid, melt or mineral inclusions carry rich geological information and cannot necessarily be investigated without loosing significant information unless measured in situ. We provide students with basic theoretical background on a series of analytical methods, emphasize the interest and pitfall of each of them and let the students practice on our research machines. This training benefits from the state-of-the art equipment available at the Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon (LGL). The specific case of the challenging experimental and analytical investigation of the minerals and rocks of the deep Earth under high pressure and high temperature conditions is also presented.



Major in situ analytical methods are presented whether to investigate the physical or chemical attributes of minerals, fossils or rocks at the microscopic scale. Students will perform their own experiments and/or analyses, process their data and get trained at writing experimental reports (estimated personal work of 4 hrs per experiment). When a given instrumentation is not available at the LGL or with our local partners, data will be provided. We will also visit the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility located in Grenoble and see contributions to the understanding of the deep Earth, hydrothermal fluids and ore deposits, fossils of small and large size, etc.


The methods presented and practiced during the class are:

-       elemental analyses using X-ray fluorescence

-       redox characterization using XANES

-       isotopic analyses using laser-ablation mass spectroscopy

-       SEM combined with EDX analyses

-       X-ray micro-diffraction

-       Raman and infrared micro-spectroscopy

This list may change as a function of the interests of the students and/or the occupancy of the instruments

Teachers are ready to teach in english
This class is open to students in physics and chemistry

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