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Palaeecosystems and palaeoenvironments (biological paleoceanography)

Palaeecosystems and palaeoenvironments (biological paleoceanography)

Craies d'Etretat


In charge for pedagogy: Emanuela MATTIOLI

Lectures: 60 hours (plus 1 day offshore)


Main objectifs:

Oceanic palaeoecosystems: basic concepts in biological (palaeo)oceanography; interactions and feedbacks between biotic processes, ocean chemical-physical conditions and sedimentation.



  • Main elements of ecology and biogeography of marine micro-organisms; main palaeoceanigraphic events in Mesozoic and Cenozoic (anoxic events, hyperthermal events, carbonate crises).
  • Use of biomarkers (e.g., alkenons) for palaeotemperature and and pCO2 reconstructions.
  • Multi-proxy approaches of short-term changes occurring during Holocene and Pleistocene (e.g., El Niño, la Niña)
  • A one-day shipping with Antedon II offshore Marseille. Biological samples will be collected and analyzed. Potential links with the teaching unit «In su-itu Microanalysis»

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