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Stages PSP

Proposals for research internships 2019-2020 (PSP)

Please contact for further details on these internships.

  • Paleoproductivity estimates during the PETM using nannofossil absolute abundances. Emanuela Mattioli, Guillaume Suan (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS)
  • Paleoceanography and geodynamics of Pleistocene sapropels. LGL –TPE. Frédéric Quillévéré (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS)
  • Tomography of Cretaceous plant reproductive structures. Bernard Gomez, Véronique Daviero-Gomez (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS) and Xavier Valentin (UMR 7262 PALEVOPRIM CNRS-Université de Poitiers).
  • Microtomographic study of exceptionally preserved insects from the Montceau-les-Mines Lagerstätte (Carboniferous). Vincent Perrier (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS), Olivier Bethoux (UMR 7207 CR2P CNRS MNHN).
  • Cultures/incubations in a controlled environment with monitoring of bacterial populations and biomarkers produced. Guillemette Ménot (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS), Philippe Oger (UMR 5240 CNRS-UCBL-INSA).
  • Environmental impacts of man and climate in Africa from lake sequences or caves in Cameroon and Gabon. Guillemette Ménot (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS).
  • Human and climatic impact on peat and lake environments in Madagascar. Laurent Bremond (ISEM Montpellier), Guillemette Ménot (UMR 5276 LGL CNRS-UCBL-ENS).

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