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14/03/16 Aline Gendrin-Brokmann (Schlumberger, Cambridge)

(à salle Fontanes, la Doua)
Quand ? Le 14/03/2016,
de 14:00 à 15:00
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Impact of Near-surface Velocities on Surface Microseismic Signal


A near-surface velocity map is derived, using data from active shots, acquired in the frame of a surface microseismic survey, targeting the Fayetteville shale formation. This near-surface velocity map shows strong velocity variations with velocities ranging from a few hundreds of metres per second to approximately 1500 m/s. The visibility of the S-wave expression on the vertical component of surface geophones was investigated. It was found that only one-third of the events showed a visible S-wave arrival, and this arrival was below the level of noise for the other two-thirds of the events. When the S-wave is observed, it is seen preferentially in areas where near-surface velocities are larger and attenuation is lower. The use of only P-waves appears to be widespread in surface microseismic processing. This study suggests, through the derivation of a near-surface velocity map, that near-surface attenuation could be one factor justifying this approach.

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