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14/09/15 Séminaire Européen: Paul Asimow (Caltech)

(à ENS amphi L, du 14/09/2015 14:00 au 14/09/2015 15:00)
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de 14:00 à 15:00
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When (if ever) will we know enough about silicate liquids to model the magma ocean?

Résumé: Liquid phases present special challenges to theoretical understanding and experimental investigation. This talk will discuss how our knowledge of thermodynamic and transport properties of silicate liquids at very high pressure limits our ability to construct well-defined scenarios for the evolution of planetary magma oceans and so, in turn, the initial conditions for ongoing solid-state mantle convection. We will consider the relationship between ideas about microscopic structure and macroscopic properties and the roles of molecular dynamics simulations, thermodynamic modeling, and experimental methods including static and shock-wave approaches. In particular, there is a two-way feedback between building accurate and comprehensive phase diagrams for probable primitive mantle compositions and determining the physical properties of the phases themselves, of which the liquid phase remains the most uncertain.


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