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09/04/18 Edyta Kalinska (University of Tartu)

Understanding a coast – sediments, chronology, past storms (à la Doua, salle Fontannes)
When Apr 09, 2018
from 02:00 to 03:00
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Understanding a coast – sediments, chronology, past storms

The coastal system is in constant re-shaping due to forces from the sea and wind combined with complex human factors. This system is fragile and experiences adverse impacts of ongoing and future environmental changes such as coastal flooding and erosion. which pose a serious threat for people and infrastructure. A better understanding of coasts is thus a natural need of the scientific community, media and a general public.
This presentation reveals a societally valid information about coastal development in the area of the Baltic Sea from geological perspective, in which a multi-proxy set of methods is used such as sedimentological, geomorphological and geochronological. By reconstructing timetable of events (chronology), sources of sand and its pathways (sediments), timing and frequency of storm events back in time (past storms) a contribution with a short- and long-time perspective on coast evolution is expected.

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