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29/04/2019 Pierre Boué (Université de Grenoble)

Ambient Seismic Noise Correlations, a New Tool for Deep Earth Imaging (à la Doua, salle D81)
When Apr 29, 2019
from 02:00 to 03:00
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Ambient Seismic Noise Correlations, a New Tool for Deep Earth Imaging

Ambient seismic noise has been extensively used in the past decade to image and monitor the Earth's crust and shallow layers. By interfering continuous seismic signals recorded at different sensors, one can convert weak background ground vibrations into useful signals. Recent progress in seismic data management and processing allows us to go further by retrieving weak body waves propagating between two passive sensors using a similar technique. In contrast to surface waves that are only sensitive to shallow layers, body waves can be used to probe the Earth at all scales from the surface to its inner core. Using this unconventional dataset we can image deep Earth regions that are not naturally illuminated by Earthquakes. This will be illustrated with a case study showing the first noise-based lower mantle image below the North Atlantic ocean.

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