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28/03/2019 Catherine Annen (Université Savoie Mont-Blanc)

Quantifying the rates of magma accumulation in the continental crust (à la Doua)
When Mar 28, 2019
from 02:00 to 03:00
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Quantifying the rates of magma accumulation in the continental crust

Geochronological, geophysical, and experimental data provide the framework of new conceptual models that describe magma transport and emplacement throughout the crust. With numerical simulations of magma emplacement and heat transfer, those conceptual models can be put to the test. The integration of field data, experiments, and simulations suggest that the transfer and emplacement of magmas within the crust is discontinuous. In a similar way to the cycles of activity that characterize volcanic eruptions, intrusive activity appears to be cyclic. Heat transfer computation shows that only during periods of the highest magma fluxes can magmas accumulate in the upper crust and form vast shallow magma chambers that are able to feed the largest eruptions. Because of higher temperatures, the deeper levels of the crust are more favorable to the accumulation of melts and are believed to be where most differentiation occurs.
Determining magma accumulation and cooling rates has affected our understanding of the continental crust differentiation but it is not of academic interest only; it also has societal implications as it affects our models of ore deposits formation, as well as our interpretation of the possible precursors of volcanic eruption.

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