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Post-doc IFP

Experimental investigation of Non-Newtonian flows in natural porous media

Administrative Information
Location : Rueil-Malmaison (IFPEN)
Duration : 12 month (start : Early 2015)
Advisors : Dr. Daniela BAUER, Dr. Marc FLEURY, Dr. Yannick PEYSSON
Phone - Email : 33 1 47 52 69 73,,,
Address : 1 & 4 avenue de Bois-Préau - 92852 Rueil Malmaison, France

Description : The subject of the proposed post-doc position deals with Non-Newtonian flow in natural porous media, a process relevant for Enhanced Oil Recovery, by means of NMR measurement techniques. Oil recovery can be significantly improved by injecting surfactants, polymers and other chemicals into the reservoir to displace trapped oil ganglia. The mixture of chemicals might show Non-Newtonian behavior that has to be taken into account to evaluate the sweep efficiency of the process. Non-Newtonian flow in natural porous media depends on the scale distribution of the porous medium itself and on the rheology of the fluid. A strong coupling between pore structure and constitutive equation determines the flow distribution in the rock sample. The objective of the post-doc program is to establish a correction to Darcy's equation taking into account complex fluid properties as well as the structure of the porous medium. The corrected Darcy equation will then be used to simulate flow of viscous chemicals for EOR purposes. The work consists of two parts: - Experimental determination by NMR velocimetry of the displacement distribution of molecules in model and natural porous media using Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. - Comparison to simulations of the local flow in the porous structure using a Lattice Boltzmann Method developed in the framework of the research program funded by ANR.

Background preferred : Physics of porous media (transport properties, characterization...) Physics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (preferred but not necessary)

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